Preference selection in app acting weird

I have an app, my own app, that does some light control. One of the things it does is turn off all lights, or selected lights, when I turn on a virtual switch. This all works fine.

I added a couple new lights. Went into the app to add those lights to the list. The list initially shows all the lights currently selected. When I go to add another one, some of the initial ones disappear from the list. I exited out without saving, or hitting done, went back in and they were there again. Finally went ahead and selected the new ones, hit update. Again some were gone. Hit done. went back in the app and they were there again. So it is working correctly, but there appears to be something weird in the display when a change is made.

I'd consider a few things:

  1. Just to make sure the app is actually saving things correctly, you could check the "App Status" (cogs/gear icon) page of the app to see the value if your setting/input. Depending on how your app/page/setting was written, you may not see this committed until you hit "Done," but it's an accurate representation of the setting value as of the last time the page was "submitted."

  2. Do you have JavaScript (maybe as part of an ad blocker, "NoScript"-type add-on, etc.) enabled for the Hubitat UI in your browser? JavaScript is required for lots of the UI.

  3. Are you using a supported browser? Recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are all known to work well. The original (pre-Chromium) incarnation of Edge is known to not work well.

Glad to hear it actually appears to be working in any case!

I actually tried this with 3 different browsers. Initially I used Chrome in an IPAD as when I remembered I wanted to add the light I was quite relaxed in a recliner. When the issue showed up, I switched to Safari. Same result. So I went to my Windows computer and used Chrome. Again same result.

As I said it worked, but the display was not correct. Which is scary and initially had me wondering if I was going to have to redo the whole thing. When I finally took the plunge and hit DONE I found out it worked liked it was supposed to, just the display was incorrect.

Seems to me there is a bug there somewhere. I never had this issue before. I am going to check a couple other items to see if it happens there also when I have a few minutes.

I'm not upset at it, but mainly wanted to point out there might be something wrong.

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