Pre-stage with Zooz Zen

Something I think I want is the “pre-stage” ability for rooms where the ceiling lights are controlled by a Zooz Zen27. My hope/guess is that there’s another (hopefully easy) way to accomplish this. Thus the answer is

“you don’t really want pre-stage… here’s how you’d accomplish the same thing with what you have”

Ideal: someone turning the lights on, with a single tap of Padel 1, would yield a different brightness depending on whether it’s noon or 7 pm or 9:30 pm.

Is there and I just don’t know it? Or is there a driver for the Zooz Zen27 with Pre-stage? TIA

Room Lighting with Time Periods should be able to do this.

That device and Zwave in general does not have a provision for pre staging. When you set the level the device turns on, period.

There are a couple of ways to overcome it. Zooz has a setting where you can change the default "turn on" level. You could use my community driver and the Set Parameter command to change that setting on the fly with time/mode based rules. If you want to do this multiple devices it becomes cumbersome though.

The other option which I use is Room Lighting, and setting per mode. I set the "default" on level of the device to be my lowest expected setting. Then in RL I set the preferred level for each mode / time of day. When you turn on the device it will start at the default but quickly adjust to the RL setting. There is a slight pause but I have found it is not a big deal for me.

If that pause while RL kicks in is a problem the only way is using rules to change the setting on the device itself.

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Awesome. Sounds like some good things to try. Thanks for the driver. We’ll see how it goes. Sounds doable.

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