Pre setup of Hub in another location then move to another home

Good Morning.
Im going to set up a new hub for a friend an i wanted to get most of the setup done before i get to his house. Was hoping to ask a few questions.
Been a few years since in installed mine so a little rusty on the initial setup.

If i use my email address to register the hub...can i switch it over to their email without resetting?
Im only connecting a few devices here - and i know that the mesh will need to reset but the hub to the devices will be close at his place.

Im sure that other people have probably done someitng similar..looing for tips to make it a smooth install / transition


I think you only have to register it at all before you operate it via the mobile app. So if you can set it up via browser on your own LAN you could register it to their email de novo when the time is right.

that sounds promising. I think was i'm going to do is set up a random gmail account, register it to that and then if transferring the email s problematic - just let them use the random account ( and they can set up their own pass word)
If the above works then we can switch it to their proper email
Appreciate the reply

Yes, set it up with your email, then replace the admin from when ready to hand it over:


But is setup all that complicated? In any event I wouldn't add any devices in another environment and move that to another home


On a related note.
I just set up the hub on a separate account bur for some reason i cant register it to the new guessing because its on my network it pulled across my email details. Im thinking the best way is to do a factory reset on the new hub and try to add it to the new email but for th else of me i cant find the factory reset options anywhere in the settings ( or even on line help )
Anyone know how to do a factory reset on a c7?


Ive done this
http://[Your Hub IP]:8081/
i can access the diagnostics...but there is no hard reset or reset to factory default available in there ( that i can see)

If the browser you're using is already logged into your Hubitat account, it will see that and not ask you to log in agan. Manually logging out, using a private tab/window, or using another web browser or device where you are not logged in would be three workarounds.

Then, you'll be prompted to log in or create a new account.

"Full reset" is no longer an option, but it shouldn't be necessary for your case (or most). If you're trying to replace one admin account with another, you can just perform the steps suggested above. Any kind of reset is definitely not what you want to do if you're handing a pre-configured device off to someone else, either, though I'm guessing that isn't why you're asking....

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