[pre-BETA] Dashboard - iCal Agenda view

Based on the great driver by @mark.cockcroft which reads iCal from the internet for your dashboard...I started modifying this to my needs. I will have the code posted in the next couple days.

This is trimmed down so that it produces the shorted possible html code, with classes specified so that it can be properly doctored up with CSS. (as I have done a bit in screen shot) It's currently still using HTML tables, but I might convert that all to Div/Span.

Our family is mixed Microsoft/Google/Apple and calendar is always a pain, but this will be nice to have on the wall tablet!

Open to suggestions/requests while I'm still working on this. Currently planned:

  1. Separate class for "today" row (as compared to "on this date")
  2. Colorizing appointments via which iCal it came from
  3. progressively counting characters, so that you can always get the most possible items without hitting HTML limit for dashboard.


That's starting to look very nice... I like the subtle background. That said I used to live in East Windsor for a while (Though I'm originally from Princeton)

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It's a good place! Depending on how long ago you lived here it might have changed alot too!

Late 80's

Bumping this to top. Nearing a year ago I started this...and got side tracked and never came back.

Any interest in my finishing this?