Powerley Thermostat (Success!)

My utility company gave me a Powerley Thermostat as part of a utility-monitoring program. It's Z-Wave Plus and I was able to pair it to Hubitat with success, and so far everything seems to be working fine. Here is the fingerprint from pairing:

Manufacturer: 028C
Product Name:
Model Number:
deviceTypeId: 135
nodeId : 30
deviceId : 0001
manufacturer : 028C
deviceType : A55A
inClusters : 0x5E,0x85,0x59,0x5A,0x73,0x80,0x70,0x7A,0x72,0x31,0x44,0x45,0x40,0x42,0x43,0x86
outClusters :

...in case staff (@mike.maxwell?) wanted to add this to the Generic Z-Wave Thermostat driver, which I've used it with tonight so far without problems. Definitely eliminated the minor but annoying quibbles I've had with the Zen Thermostat, and it's basically a slightly uglier (matte white plastic, a couple visible markings, but about the same size with an equally awkward LED-array display) Z-Wave version of the same concept.

EDIT: This thermostat is definitely intended to be used with a app that "knows" about it, likely your utility company's branded take on this manufacturer's offering. There is no way to change any configuration from the thermostat itself (just mode and setpoint), so you'll have to use Z-Wave Tweaker or something on Hubitat to modify those. But the defaults work just fine if you have a single-stage furnace and AC with typical wiring.

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