Power reporting on Ledvance Smart+ device

I just bought a new device, a Ledvance Smart+ Zigbee outlet.
I realize this device might not be supported yet but here goes.

It was recognized by HE as a Generic Zigbee Outlet.
In the Device Details it now seems to be recorded as a "Plug 01" device by Osram.

It seems to be able to report power but it only reported it once when I tested it, that is the power went up to 30 W and stayed there even after the connected appliance (a washing machine) was turned off.

Does it need a dedicated driver in order to properly report Power?

I happen to have some Ledvance+ outlets, and I believe they do not report power consumption.

Are yours of the large boxy type with the green lighted button on top?

Hi BIGs,
thanks for your input - it may be that I was expecting too much.

Odd that it reported wattage when the washing machine powered up though, even if it also did not report further changes. Almost as though it has the capability but that it has not been implemented fully.

Do you know of a recommended smart plug that reports power and is proven to work with Hubitat?

Iris 3210-L2 report power. They're zigbee with a zwave repeater also and can usually find them for around 5 bucks. I wouldn't use the zwave side though it can cause more problems than help. The 3210-L will do the same thing if you see those also.

Samsung Smartthings plug also reports power consumption although they are quite expensive, 50 Eur plus around here.

Found an Aeotec device on offer so I went with that. Look forward to my new project!

It would be nice though if this would work. I have the big ones and they report 2800W when OFF and when on, 40W no matter what.

Anyone can suggest how to make it work ?

Impossible if they do not have the internal circuitry to do so.

I have several that I had on my SmartThings and on that platform I had power consumption. On Hubitat there is no driver for them to report power consumption.

I just got the UK version and it's only picked up as a Zigbee device. Someone on Amazon mentioned using the Nue switch driver but that didn't work for me on a C7 hub.

Anyone have any idea? Thanks.

Change the driver from “device” to Generic Zigbee Outlet, “refresh” and “configure” on the device page, and they should respond.

At least mine do.

Thank you, that worked!