Power outage due to storms unpaired Zigbee lights

Power outage happened during a storm and all the zigbee bulbs had to be readded to zigbee.
I have the c8 hub. I never had this problem with all the other hubs I've had.

Its just the zigbee and not the z-wave.

So whats going on with the zegbee side of the hub. Looks like there has been alot of updates on the zigbee side of the Hubitat hub. I cant be readding zigbee bulbs every time there is a stom.


The C-8 has a new Zigbee chip and all that comes with it, so we’re seeing some growing pains unfortunately. That said, this may or may not be related to those…

Can you share what brand/model of bulbs have been problematic? Did the power go down/up multiple times which might have reset the bulb? Do you see anything that might be related in the logs, and if so, could you post a screenshot?

And is your hub on a UPS or did it lose power as well?

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Power just went out for about 5 min and I do not have a ups setup for the hubitat hub. I have never had the the hub on a ups. On the c7 hub I did not have a problem with the power going out.

I'm using the Sengled Element Classic bulbs and Generic Zigbee Bulb. Most of my bulbs are Sengled Element Classic.
I looked at the logs and it looks like the bulbs are working as normal.

When the power went out and back on after 5 mins or so the bulbs still showed up under zigbee but they would not work. I did not remove them from zigbee I just did the add zigbee device and they showed up with the names i already set them as and they started working again.

Out of curiosity, do you have other Zigbee devices on the hub? If so, I suppose that they were okay?

Yes I have around 5 Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor and around 7 Iris V1 Contact Sensors those where not affected.

I wonder if the issue is with the bulbs or with the hub losing power, or a combination of both.

Would you be game to try to reproduce with one of the bulbs by shutting it down for about the same duration to see what happens?

I shut off a Sengled Element Classic bulb for 5 minutes and turned it back on. Light still works.

Well that’s a good sigh! I wonder now if it might be related to the hub losing power. It is typically not a good idea for it to be powered down without a proper shut-down. Though this can be easily remedied by performing a backup and restoring it following its power-up if the power down caused an issue. This is one of the reasons that some like me have the hub on a UPS. Mine is on a small low voltage battery/ups device that will keep it going for many hours (if not days), though probably less now that I have 3 of my hubs on the same battery…

That could be something to consider in case it might be part of the cause of the issue.

I do have a ups. I'll go that route and see what happens.
Thanks for your help.

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Ouch. My condolences…. I can’t even start to imagine how difficult this would be.

So sorry to hear that, really tough times. My best to you and your family, stay together and keep sharing love with each other.

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thanks buddy

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