Power outage and Room Lighting

I had posted a bit ago about having my bedroom ceiling fan come back on after a power outage. I had to back burner that due to things in life, and then it got forgotten about. That is until this morning when power went out, though this time for about an hour.

But, that lead me to another problem. I have Room Lighting set up with a couple rules. One is for my outside lights. I have one time period that is when they turn on, then later at night, a second time period that dims certain lights, and turns off my landscape lights. That time period is called Late Night. I then just had Means to Turn off as 20 minutes after sunrise.

The problem is that, the time period stays set to Late Night until the next night, when sunset happens. When the power went out and came back on, it turned the outside lights back on according to the Late Night time period.

My solution on this is I'm going to create an extra time period with everything set to off, but, I don't think I can use that for my other Room Light rule which controls my inside lighting while I'm not home, because it would keep the lights off even if I am home.

I wanted to bring this up and see if I missed a step somewhere or is this an unintended time that the app is acting very literally. From it's point of view, when the hub powered up, it was following the last listed time period.

Please post a screenshot of the Periods setup page in Room Lights.

According to the settings, sunrise was at 6:35. The power outage was sometime right at 7:00. The Daytime time period is the new one I added.

Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 16-00-37 Outside Lights (Active)
Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 16-00-52 Outside Lights (Active)
Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 16-01-01 Outside Lights (Active)
Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 16-01-09 Outside Lights (Active)

I'm confused, Does this work as expected now?

After adding in the new time period, but I'm not sure it will work for my indoor lights since those are not controlled solely by the time of day.

To put all of this another way:

I had two time periods. The first was Sunset that would turn all of the outside lights on.

The second time period was Late Night that would turn some off and dim others at 21:30.

There was a Means to Turn Off, which was Sunrise (plus 20). But the Late Night time period was still the current time period.

So far, all was working fine until today. The lights all did what they were supposed to do at Sunrise plus 20 minutes, but then about a half hour later, the power went out for longer than the UPS could keep the hub powered, so the hub rebooted. When it did, it saw Late Night as the current time period, and set all the outside lights according that time period.

So the issue is that if the hub reboots after the Means to Turn Off trigger, depending on the trigger, it could re set the lights back to the last Time Period. In this case, I can easily get around that by setting up a new Time Period, which I did called Daytime, since my outside lights are strictly controlled by the time of day. But my inside lights are not, so I can't set up another Time Period for those.