Power off problem

Hello, is there a certain possibility that a certain rule will be executed after a certain lamp has power back?
Thanks in advance.

If you put a smart bulb in that lamp, and it is the kind that turns on when power is restored, then you can use the lamp turning on to trigger the other rule.

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Thanks for the reply.
But nowhere can I find a trigger that asks 'is on' only a trigger that asks ' turned on', how should I resolve that, any ideas?

With a few notable exceptions (buttons being one), triggers are generally based on device events where a given attribute has changed it's value, for a switch this would be on to off and off to on...
Conditions can look at the current value of something, if switch is on, if switch is off...
But in order to evaluate a condition, you need something as a trigger, the trigger event is what causes the rule to load and then evaluate whatever conditions are configured.