Power Monitoring Smart Plug

Any current deals for smart plugs, preferably zigbee? Looking to monitor the power of an AV receiver.

Securifi Peanut Plugs are $14.99 on Amazon. Not on sale or anything but at that price it is a decent ZigBee plug with power monitoring. HOWEVER, there is a caveat with the power monitoring. The plug must have updated firmware and there is really no way to tell unless someone has a Securifi Almond router that could update it...

So, unless you know someone that could make sure it was updated (or willing to pay someone to update and ship some to you) they are a bit of a gamble (albeit a very good smart-plug even without the monitoring).

Yeah, was reading that just now. Might be worth taking the risk but if there s something close in price that we know works Id rather go that route. I see Smarthings plugs are something like $20 right now.

These are good plugs and good zigbee repeaters. The caveat is they will not repeat for Xiaomi zigbee sensors.

Also, second-hand Almond routers that can be used to update the firmware on the plugs run about $30-35 on eBay. And, from personal experience, sell pretty quickly at that price too.

There are some updated peanut plugs on eBay

I just found a deal on an almond router so that I can update my cheap plugs. Have 4 or 5 at the moment working great.

The iris 3210-:L are my favorites. They have been discontinued but you can still find them on ebay. There's currently someone selling lots of 5 for $65 w/ free expedited shipping. These are rock-solid zigbee repeaters (not for Xiaomi). Some people say the z-wave repeater doesn't really work. I don't have enough z-wave to know for sure but other have said the z-wave repeater part works fine.

I’ve got two of the iris ones. Definitely had issues pairing the Z wave repeater.

The ones you have may have an older firmware on them. There was issues with the older firmware and the Z-Wave radio, otherwise they will pair fine.

Wait, it thought you wanted a Zigbee repeater with power monitoring? Why is Z-wave even a consideration? You won’t get that with any of those other plugs.

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Z wave isn’t being considered. We just got sidetracked.