Power meter as a trigger

Im planning on running a battery back up power supply to feed some mag locks and started thinking since im going to have some extra juice, what could i use as a trigger if my power goes out. I want to run some zwave led controls and light strips and switch them on when the power goes out. B4 i go down the rabbit hole of ordering wrong devices. Is there any zwave devices that can be used to trigger a power outage? The only thing i can think of is paying extra for a power supply with a trouble contact on it and hooking a zooz relay to it trigger when the power supply goes into battery back up. Wasnt sure if anybody has different ideas? Getting tired of falling down the stairs every time the power goes out. Obviously i will be putting my hub on battery also. Any input would be appreciated, thank you in advance.

I am using a Zooz Range Extender to get notified if power goes out. This has a battery backup and will send an event when it goes off "mains" and when it comes back on. I just ordered a second one to act as a backup (for confirmation) in case someone "unplugs" the extender by mistake.
EDIT: I'm assuming that your HE hub is on a battery backup.

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I have an EcoLink Z-wave chime siren that has a battery and sends messages of Utility or Battery power. Plus the device is cool and I use it a lot.

If you happen to be in the market for a shutoff valve, the Zooz Titan has a battery backup option that also works great to monitor power status.

I use one of those and several Z38s to monitor power on my main circuits + house overall.

I use a Ping device to periodically ping a device on my network. If the device doesn't respond, it goes on to ping two more devices. If all three don't respond, the rule assumes the power is out and shuts down the hub gracefully.

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@Equis - this is my current solution. Since I'm not using the two devices I use as "confirmation" (Harmony hubs), I am replacing it with the Zooz Extender solution.

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The Ring z-wave extender has built-in battery backup and battery/mains power notification.

Just a word of caution - it's not compatible with C-5. You can pair it but the the powerSource attribute does not change when power is shut off. Works well (I believe) on C-7 and above.

No dog in that fight. I sold my two C5's a couple of years ago, I love the Hubitat ecosystem but the smallest investment in our home automation adventure is the hub. I'll order the next gen Hubitat the day it is announced. I have a "play with" C7 I should sell.

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