Power-cycling router with smart plug

First time poster....

I'm beginning the transition from ST to HE and one of my first projects is a new one, not a migration.

I'd like a a push-button solution to turn off and turn back on my router, modem, and several switches. It occurred to me that once I deprive my router from power, that my router can't have HE turn the smart plug back on!

Yet, a thread "help-with-rule-to-reboot-modem-and-router" suggests it can be done (can't post the link).:

How can the hub talk to the device when the LAN is down? Is it that as long as the hub and plug both remain powered, they can communicate via Z-Wave without the local network?



I don't have this setup but once you trigger a rule that rule is going to run till completion. So once triggered by whatever means, turn off the switch and then the next step is to turn it back on in 15 seconds that is going to run locally on the hub whether internet is available or not.

Yes devices and the hub talk via Zwave or Zigbee, it doesn't need access to the internet to run.

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Thanks. Time for me to dig into writing rules.

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The hub can talk to zwave or zigbee devices while your router/modem is down.

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I am still startled by this, net is offline, automations still work!


So, I've created a rule to turn off a plug, wait 30 seconds, and then turn the plug back on. I've created a trigger for a button on a physical Z-Wave remote to run the rule and it works fine, with the hub connected or disconnected to the LAN. Great so far.

One odd thing is that the illuminated status button is not behaving as expected. I have the plug configured for the button to be illuminated when the plug is off. When I use a physical button on the remote, or a dashboard icon to turn the plug on, the light on the plug goes out as expected. When I use the dashboard or remote to turn the plug off again, the illuminated button goes out...as expected. With the rule, the plug is turned off, but the illuminated button does not come on. Odd. Any thoughts?

Also, I'm having no luck configuring a virtual device to trigger the rule from the Dashboard and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. The rule lists both of the triggers.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Not sure about the light but one thing that got me when I tried to use a virtual button was in the dashboard I never told it which button. When you edit the button in the dashboard over on the right hand side there is a field for button number. For a single virtual button you must put a 1.

My simple solution was to use a Zooz Zen25 with the auto on set to one minute. It always works, but I never trust it.

The light thing I sorted out.

I have a 1 in that field, but no go.