Power consumption stats

Does Hubitat presents any statistics, charts about power consumptions out of the box?
I mean sth like kW / month / this year or kW / outlet, maybe calculate costs for a given tariff

No. But I think there folks doing that either using their own apps, or via external integrations with something like Node-RED and Grafana.

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I've seen some threads, but my understanding is for grafana I need yet another server / docker container

Correct. Same for Node-RED.

You can do it totally from within HE, using Hubigraphs and RM. Below are the energy graphs from my Aeotec HEM. This is the thumbnail view each graph can be clicked and made full screen. They are not as pretty as what you can make with the other tools mentioned but they suit my needs.

It is not built in by any means, however.



That's a problem. I'm trying to buy Intel Nuc 11 (for different purpose) since Jan and still not available in my country

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