Potlights that change Colour Temp

Hey Guys

Im trying to find out if there are any potlights I can buy that change Colour temp from daylight balanced to warm with my Z-Wave Innoveli Dimmers?


Are you talking about an entire unit, or just the bulb? And if it's just the bulb, what size bulb is it?

If you're looking for BR30 bulbs, use Lifx... Then use an innovelli switch in smart bulb mode as your light switch so it can be normal... Then you can program the switch for lets say, double tap does one color temp, tripple does another and single can even do another.

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Im preferably looking for an entire unit. Im about to do an entire kitchen reno, and was thinking about doing potlights where i automate daylight coloured during the day and warm white in the evening/night

I like what you're trying to do. Philips makes some that are BT and would require the Hue Bridge I assume.

I have two recessed pots above my desk that I put a couple of Eria tuneable white BR30s in. I haven't messed with them much as I only use them for getting colour balance right when I'm on a video chat. But I think they're one of the cheaper Zigbee bulbs that don't remember their state when they've had power cut. Something to keep in mind if you do go with bulbs.

If you're doing a full on reno, Ikea also has a Tuneable White GU10 bulb.

I asked a similar question several months ago, and came up empty handed.

Many of the LED retrofit units and even the new work units they sell at Lowes and Home Depot have color temp settings, but it's a manual switch that is inaccessible once the light it installed.

I ended up installing standard cans and using Lifx bulbs. It's still a work in progress; right now the cans are always powered up, For local control, I will eventually add a Zooz or Inovelli switch in a box that is already in place. For now I have an Alexa in the same room, so for now that's how I turn them on and off.

I doubt you're going to find any devices that have built-in automation, especially zwave. But why lock yourself into a protocol, especially for permanently mounted fixtures? You can always swap bulbs and switches out for something else if you use standard cans. And if you ever sell the house, you could just put regular bulbs in the cans and a normal switch.