Potential problem with multiple contact “changed” trigger in RM

Not sure if this is a problem with RM or with child devices in the community Envisalink Integration App. Currently on RM5.1 and HE
I have several wired sensors (door, PIR, window etc) on my dedicated DSC security panel which is linked to HE via the Envisalink Integration App (I utilize 64 zones and so have quite a few sensors).
I have been successfully utilizing the various sensors which appear as virtual contact sensors in HE to run numerous home automations for almost 2 years now. I do not use Hubitat for security as I prefer to rely on a UL listed dedicated purpose built security system, but Hubitat is fantastic in that with the Envisaslink Integration I can use all my sensors for home automation as well. For automation puposes, I have been using the state of the contact sensors as triggers and as conditionals in my RM rules.

One of my use cases (probably a pretty common one) is to turn off my HVAC if a door or window is open for x minutes, then to automatically return the HVAC to Auto mode when all doors and windows in the HVAC zone are returned to the closed state.
In order to turn the HVAC back on and to resume its program, I set up “any window or door contact changes (this is the trigger), then run the following rule “IF all contacts are closed (the conditional), THEN turn on the HVAC to Auto”. This has worked great until a couple of months ago.

The strange thing is, with my original RM set up (which used to work) where my trigger was set by group selecting several contacts (doors and windows in the HVAC zone) then selecting the “ANY are changed” option, the rule is no longer triggered.

Because of this, I started to play around with my trigger and if I select “custom attribute” then select each sensor separately, then use the attribute “contact” then “changed”, so that each sensor appears with an OR between them, everything works perfectly.

BTW, my dashboard tiles continue to show the correct state of the sensor contact almost instantaneously so I don’t think it is a problem with how the Envisalink Integration handles the contact state (and as I mentioned above, everything was working just fine before). This leads me to the following question:

Has anyone else noticed this behavior with the ANY trigger in RM? Could it be a bug in RM (or is the problem in the Envisalink Integration app)? Again, when each sensor contact is selected individually using OR, everything works as expected. Not sure if this is a problem with RM or with the way virtual child devices are created and handled in the Envisalink Integration App. Either way, my workaround works for me (using the OR option) so it is not a big deal, but just wanted to see if it was a possible “bug” in RM. Thanks for any feedback.

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