Potential Bug with Room Lights

I recently switched to using Room light. First off Kudos to the team, it's an awesome feature. I noticed that for my dining room and living room, for some reason it would turn on one of the light that the app not suppose to activate. For example, I have a LED mood light in the dining room, and it is only used in late night mode. However, at 6pm when the mode switches to evening, the mood light would be turned on along with the designated light. what can I provide for the team to debug the issue? Same issue with the living room, I have a loft light switch that's not in any of the mode, but it gets turned on randonly.

At this stage I don't expect this to be a bug in the App, but can't rule it out. I would suggest posting some screenshots of the setup you have in Room Lighting to see if their are any settings that you may need to adjust. Include, if it's not obvious, whether you are controlling the lights / switches directly in Room Lighting, or whether you are using a scene of some kind.

Turning on additional logging may shed some light on what is happening, but my suspicion is more that there are some settings that need changing.

here are the screen shots

Can you turn on logging and post logs from when your RL automation activates the wrong light?

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The other place to look is the events tab for the two devices in question. That section would show you what app/rule/event sent the on command to your two lights and help with the troubleshooting.


I think I found a culprit. it's an unknown app. Found this in the dining room mood light log. how do I get rid of this unknown app

command-on Command called: on command Unknown app 10/19/2023 04:45:02.086 pm

The unknown app may be listed in the In Use By section at the bottom of the Device page for the mood light. If it is you may be able to tap on the link to the app and remove or modify the app.

Does look like something got borked... So the normal behavior may not apply.

I looked but there isn't any app that is "unknown"