Potential bug: Google Nest Thermostat + Matter - commands aren't respected by thermostat

Hi, I just upgraded to, turned on Matter, and added my Google Nest Thermostat.


  • The thermostat doesn't respond to change requests via Hubitat.
  • Example: I tell it to change the temperature to a different value, and the response from the Thermostat is the existing value.
  • This happens for all commands, from mode, to fan, to temperature. See screenshots for device details, and logs.

The device added correctly:

The first thing I did after adding was to hit "Configure" on the device page, and then "Save".

When the thermostat is already set to cool, and I send a command to turn it off, the thermostat responds with 'Mode is cool':

When I tell the thermostat to change the setpoint to 80, the thermostat responds with the current setpoint of 82:

Both "Fan On" and "Set Fan Mode: on" send a command, but no response comes back from the thermostat and the fan does not turn on.

The thermostat correctly and regularly reports the current temperature every 30-60 seconds seconds:

Until I can solve this, I will re-enable my thermostat via the Google API for control through the user created Nest driver via Cloud rather than Matter.

I'm very open to the possibility that this isn't a bug as it could be user error on my end. I'm willing to attempt debugging and will answer questions as best as I can.


I couldn't get mine to listen to commands in HE either, but I was happy just to have the temperature readings for an HE dashboard.

Hours later, two weren't registering the correct temperatures. I put back the Sterling hub to put the Nests back as they orignally were in HK.

I though I read that the Nest/matter integration is purposely limited in HE, otherwise the might double poll conflicts or something (not behave well at all).

I’ll check it out


Based on that, I'm going to remove the thermostat (via Matter) entirely from HE for now, just for caution until I learn more.

However, seeing bcopeland responding and investigating gives me hope :slight_smile:

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??… Not limited by Hubitat… There is very little they expose via Matter, but it’s enough to control it properly in Hubitat. Mostly status updates..

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Appreciate the response to stand here corrected. :slight_smile:

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I have the 7 Nest matter devices installed in HE. It wasn't easy to get all 7 installed (pairing was problematic until I adjusted 2.4ghz/5ghz power with the Asus AImesh).

Fine and well, got them showing temperatures in dashboard entities. Though, I needed to create a Rule that periodically refreshes the devices, in order to get an accurate temperature feedback. Using a dashboard device set as a Thermostat won't change temperature settings. (thermostats control elec. baseboard heaters, not a conventional home heating sys.)

I have the expected control in HA (only 4 days now, HA curious), and control/scheduling in HK is full featured. If that matters. . .

Anyways, just reporting on my current experience (this topic seemed to be a logical place at the moment).


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Hi @bcopeland , this is a friendly message to see if you could deduce anything. No pressure, and no worries if you haven't had time or didn't find anything out. Thanks!

Hello, Jumping in here to look for some pointers to hook a Nest Stat which is currently working well in the native nest app and integrated into HE via the custom DH YRacine. Jumped from C7 to C8Pro today to play with matter but honestly struggling to find a well documented process to follow. Sorry if this is OT, appreciate any urls I can review that can help a newbie.