POST url

Is there a way to send a POST URL from/in HE ?

Here is one way that I created a while ago...

Ignore the stuff about the Logitech Harmony Hub. Just focus on the http switch driver.

Nice... I just need a simple POST...

Swicth On sends ->
Switch Off sends ->

It's a shelly 1 relay if you have heard of them.

You should be able to easily modify the driver to achieve your goals. I believe some other community members may have also done the same.

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Perhaps a simpler driver to modify is an example from Hubitat itself.

Just change the Get to a Post and you should be in good shape.

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def params = [
uri: "http://" + ipAddress + "/relay/0?turn=on"

  try {
  	httpPost(params){response ->
  } catch (Exception e) {
  	log.error "${e}"

LOL I just ported a shelly device from ST

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Thanks @ogiewon and @ritchierich !