Possible Wait for Condition Bug

@bravenel there is a possible bug in Wait for Condition: Time is... Here is a simple rule to demonstrate the problem, captured when Time is evaluated as true. Log capture a couple of minutes later.

Use case was to put an end time on the Wait for conditions but the Time is wasn't ending the Wait.
Wait for conditions: Motion Sensor active OR Time is ...

I guess, Trigger is missing.
Rule will not even start without Trigger Event

@vitaliy_kh For simple examples like this to demonstrate an issue, I use the Run Actions button. It executes the rule regardless of the trigger or if a trigger doesn't exist. The log proves that the rule was run.

OK, I missed this point

I will look into it.

The Condition you used is mistakenly offered for Wait for Conditions. There should be no such condition available. You can wait for an Event of Certain Time. This will be fixed in the next release.


Yeah, I figured that was a possibility. Thanks for checking!