Possible UI bug RM 4.0

This screen comes up blank whenever I click into the select actions to run in rule (N4).
This only happens whenever a global variable is set to a decimal by another rule (manually setting the variable to a decimal does not produce the blank screen) I'll explain in more detail:

I have a global variable (N4CM) that is set by a rule (schedule) based on a week number. The blank screen only happens whenever the global variable (N4CM) is set to a decimal by the rule (schedule), If I manually set the global variable N4CM to a decimal this does not happen and I can edit or add to the rule as normal. I can also edit the rule as normal if the rule (week) sets the variable (N4CM) to a whole number. I am not sure if the rule will run or not I will need to test, but for now it is at least a UI bug I assume. (offsetN4CM and Gal are both decimal global variables as well)

This rule is Schedule:

So, are you saying that you can't got back into that rule's actions or that you cannot create a new rule?

Can’t get back into the rules actions unless I set the global variable manually then I can get back into the rule

How is the week number a decimal? Isn't that always an integer?

week is not a decimal.... global variable number

so if i change the week variable to say 1 then the schedule rule runs and changes the variables N1FM, N2FG, N3FB, N4CM based on the rule.

also whenever I try to recreate the rule (from scratch) it blank screens me as soon as I chose >=

@bravenel is there something I’m missing or is this just a bug?

I did find a bug with comparing variables. I didn't see it blank screening the rule though. This will be fixed in the next release.

Awesome thanks

Please revisit this once that release comes out (2.1.4) and let me know if your issue is resolved or not.

Looks like the update fixed my issue. Thanks for the update! Being able to view and set global variables from the dash is amazing!

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