Possible to send PIN number with custom command?

Alexa requires some security devices require a PIN number, is there a way to pass the PIN number with a command with echo speaks? e.g.: Alexa, Start the car….1234

If you use a custom Alexa command you can have a trigger issue a voice command to Alexa and craft it to say something like “Alexa start the car my pin is 1234”

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Yep. I believe mine are setup to say "Disarm Sync Module Exterior using PIN 1 2 3 4" and that works too. The Alexa routine UI will put up a stark warning but you can ignore it. [This is with virtual switch interface, not Echo Speaks.]

great! thanks everyone i’ll try it out in a little bit

You can also use a virtual switch to activate the device on hubitat, The VS won't require a pin...

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