Possible to port over an ST app?

Hi all - I started using programmable Christmas lights this year using a software called Falcon Player - In looking at the plugins someone made a plugin for that other hub to allow things such as turning off porch lights during show, etc. Any way to port this over for Hubitat? I know how to add and use apps but I don't know how to write them!

Drop it in the Apps Code via New App. Click Save. It compiles.

Go to Apps and click User App and find this offering. It runs...

I don't have a Falcon, so I can't tell you if it works.


To add to the above, it looks like this requires OAuth, so hit the "OAuth" button and "Enable OAuth in App" after saving it in the Apps Code window, too. If something else (looks like it requires something running as a "helper" on a server somewhere?) points to the public ST Oauth locations, those will also be need to changed to point to the local or cloud Hubitat endpoints, depending on what the needs are. That would probably be the most difficult part. (See: App OAuth - Hubitat Documentation for some information.)