Possible to Have 2 modes set at same time?

Is it possible to have two modes set at the same time?

I would like to have the following modes:

  1. Morning, Day, Evening, Night
  2. Home, Away, Vacation

This way the four daily modes would switch based on time of day and day of week on a schedule.

The other 3 modes would mix with the first ones. So
Home:Morning, Home:Day, Home:Evening, Home:Night

Away:Morning, Away:Day, Away:Evening, Away:Night

Vacation:Morning, Vacation:Day, Vacation: Evening, Vacation:Night

This way based on setting you could do different things when the schedule flips from Morning to Day when home, away, or vacation...

Hope this makes sense! I don't want to have to keep modes for each and every one I would just like to put house in away, vacation, or home and then the times of days causes rest to happen

No, mode is a singular thing. Only a single setting at one time is possible.

As a workaround, some people use virtual switches to track one or the other. The default set of modes conflates time and presence, which has never made much sense for the way I use them, mostly for differences in lighting automations that are mostly time-based. I chose mode for that. (I don't use Away mode and have other ways of controlling HSM, thermostats, and whatever some people do based on presence--which I also don't rely on 100% for anything.)

The disadvantage to switches is that nearly every app gives you at least the ability to restrict execution by mode, and many (Motion/Mode Lighting, Rule Machine, etc.) give you options to easily do different things per mode. Some apps have ways to use (real or virtual) switches for a similar outcome, and with a rule you can of course do anything you want.

I've seen some people create different modes like Away-Night and Home-Night, but that seems messy to me.

Just some ideas that may help!

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You could also just add more modes too. Have a Home - Morning, Away - Morning, Vacation - Moning, etc...

Just would need some rules setup to make it work.

I do this approach myself, but don't use vacation mode though. I have 4 different away modes, HSM supports multiple away modes.

I did almost exactly this. I used Rule Machine to figure it all out, Mode Manager didn't do a good job doing what I wanted it to.

A couple users were pretty snippy about "why I needed so many modes" when I posted this last time, but there use cases for so many modes, especially when we work swing or 2nd/3rd shifts. Day and night don't really exist like someone with an 8-5 job with shift work. With two people on separate schedules, who knows when we are going to be home...

When you rely on modes to turn on/off or dim lights, set thermostats, and more, you need to be fairly specific about home VS away.