Possible to get weather from The Weather Company/Channel?

I am trying to equip HE with the same weather data that Hunter Hydrawise uses for their predictive watering. Hunter Hydrawise just says they use The Weather Company/Channel. I'm a bit confused by all of the different weather services, which ones are still active, and such. Is it possible to get weather data from The Weather Company/Channel? If so, can you point me to the app/driver for that?

FYI, I am also confused as to whether the name is The Weather Channel or The Weather Company. Hydrawise refers to it as "The Weather Company"

The Weather Company is an IBM business. I believe they use to, but no longer own the Weather Channel, so that is a separate organization. About two years ago WeatherUnderground (WU) was aquired by The Weather Company. They immediately began to close off WU free API platform. They stopped issuing free API Keys and dis-authorized existing API keys around February 2019. Those that had a valid API Key could get a new one with limited data and availablity as long as they contributed their PWS data to WU.

There were several Community develped Hubitat drivers for WU prior to IBM taking over. I don't know of any now, you'll have to look. Just about everyone (if not all) abandoned WU drivers after the above action.

IBM/The Weather Company will be more than happy to sell you an API Key to access the data. It is not realistic for an individual, or even a small business/group, to pay the fees they are requesting. I just looked and appearently the fees are high enough now they do not even publish them, the site just says 'Contact us for pricing'.

So ... Is it possible? ..... 'Yes'. More appropriately, Is it likely? .... 'it is highly unlikely'.

There are lots of other community developed weather API drivers available on Hubitat. Just search for them.


You can also use the built-in OpenWeatherMap device for free, with no custom code required. You have to obtain a free API key from OpenWeatherMap, then add a Virtual device, assign it the corresponding driver 'Type', and then fill in the settings. I've been using it without any issues for quite some time.

The built-in driver may or may not have all of the data you need for your application. If not, as @Matthew mentioned, there are plenty of other Community options available.

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Thanks for your answer. Although I can get weather data from other APIs, my hope was to get the exact same data that Hydrawise was using, so that I could mimic their weather-based triggers. I fear using different weather data would sometimes yield different results.

If you have a PWS then I have a driver for Weather Underground that uses their new api

This is what I get from them atm...

  • UVHarm : Low
  • chanceOfRain : 90
  • currentConditions : Rain. Low 6ยบC.
  • dewpoint : 6
  • elevation : 348
  • feelsLike : 6
  • forecastConditions : Showers. Highs 11 to 13ยบC and lows 4 to 6ยบC.
  • forecastHigh : 13
  • forecastLow : 6
  • humidity : 92
  • illuminance : 100.5
  • latitude : 54.798382
  • longitude : -1.406591
  • moonPhase : Waxing Crescent
  • observation_time : 2020-04-29 16:15:00
  • pollsSinceReset : 3
  • precipType : rain
  • precip_rate : 0.00
  • precip_today : 0.00
  • pressure : 982.19
  • rainTomorrow : 3.25
  • solarradiation : 100.5
  • stationID : IDURHAM16
  • stationType : weewx-3.8.0
  • temperature : 8
  • weather : Rain
  • wind : 12
  • windPhrase : Winds ESE at 10 to 20 mph.
  • windPhraseForecast : Winds SE at 10 to 20 mph.
  • wind_degree : 96
  • wind_dir : ESE
  • wind_gust : 20
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Wow, a PWS is not cheap - $150+. That's a lot to pay for weather data. Are there other advantages to a PWS that I'm not appreciating?

The temperature readings, rain, wind etc are from your property - not 5 miles away :slight_smile:
I also use the lux settings to control modes/lighting

Right, so what practical advantage does that provide? Do your home automations exploit the ultra-localized nature of the weather data in a way that regional weather data would prove inadequate?

For example..

I have electric controlled windows on my conservatory roof..
I automatically open/close them to regulate temperature.
If my PWS says the wind is above a certain level or gusting above a certain level, they close so that they don't get damaged.


Gotcha. I'll add a conservatory to the buy list then :slight_smile: Thanks for the insight.

It was just one example


Yes, it was a nice example. I meant my comment as a "wish I had a conservatory" :slight_smile:

Am I reading right that SmartThings provides users access to weather data from The Weather Company?

If so, perhaps I could use Hub Connect to mirror that data from my smartthings hub to my hubitat hub?

Where is this driver? Isn't in my "built-in" list. :thinking:

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