Possible to build aggregate dashboard tile?

Is there a way to build an aggregate dashboard tile? For example: you have a dashboard of all your contact sensors, and you want to include a single icon on a master dashboard. And that icon would reflect the status of the whole “sub-dashboard”? (So a single window opens, the icon would go red, and you may or may not have to click it to see which window is open)

I’m pretty sure I could do this with ActionTiles, but I haven’t really built any “complex” dashboards within Hubitat yet. And can’t think of another word than “aggregate” to search for...


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You would have to create a virtual contact sensor and set that sensor to open or closed based on all of the contact sensors your want. Then you can put a dashboard tile on top of the other and make it clear so that you can just tap to open the other dashboard.

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So one big RM that sets the virtual contact sensor?

Yeah. It's quite simple.

Trigger:  All of your sensors changing

If any sensor Active then

I do this currently.

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Thanks. Seems to work. =)

Would be cool if we could have the Virtual Sensor display something specific (like, number of contacts open, or if only one contact, the name of the contact that's open). =)

If you want specificity, check out Super Tile (gone for the moment but should be coming back) or Snapshot. Either can show you a list, though if you want an "at a glance" you'd probably still want some sort of "aggregate" device as suggested, maybe first in the tile.

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