Possible to access a hub's main menu remotely?

I purchased a second hub for a property other than my home. I would like to set up my devices, hub settings, dashboards, apps, etc. for this hub remotely, but it seems I can only access the main menu when I am using the same network the devices are using to connect to the hub? Is there a way to access a hub's settings and its devices remotely? thank you for your help.

You must be on the local network. Like many others here, I use a VPN to a device I already have on my local network. But Hubitat also has an offering:



Yes there are several ways.

Ultimately, if you’re not on the same local network as the hub you’re managing, you need a way to “tunnel” through the internet to securely connect to that hub.

There’s an optional subscription service called “remote admin” that does the work for you.

Or you can setup a VPN server at home, as another example.

Edit: see the link @csteele posted.


thank you!

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A VPN was a bit beyond my (current) capabilities, so I use TeamViewer. It is free if you are using it for personal purposes.

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Note: Requires an on pc at remote location but very good alternative if there is one.

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The VPN is a great option, many mid-range home routers have support to run a VPN server on the router, its not hard to enable and setup. You just download the profile file, send it whatever device you want to connect and load it in the app (usually OpenVPN). I use it while on work trips to make any changes needed by the family.