Possible Sharptools consideration

I am a big fan of Sharptools - so much so that I add all devices to the Sharptools app by default just in case.

I was looking at the log to investigate some motion lighting app delays. What I saw was Hubitat updating Sharptools on every motion detector activated as well as the output from the motion activation aggregation rule just as I asked and then turning on the light. In fact, I wasn't using any of that information in Sharptools currently.

I can see how that may put the motion lighting response time outside of the WAF ten millisecond standard.

I removed all unused devices from the Sharptools connector app and restarted. I think that the response time is improved but I neglected to screenshot the logs to document the exact time involved.

Am I just imagining this or is it a real possibility?


I'm a big sharptools user too and in general I do not add any devices to apps if I am not going to use them.

When you add it to an app (depending on the app) it would subscribe to the events of that device and act on every event that device produces. So for sharptools, every time a contact state changes it would have to send that new state over to sharptools usually via an HTTP call. Thats just extra uneccessary load on the box that you don't need. When you have a few devices you might not feel it, but when you have a large number of devices, events and apps it can make a difference.

I always consider the effects of doing things on the load it would produce on the box. I want to minimize it and it add's up as you grow.


I suspect that is what happened. It didn't matter at first but it just crept up and now is sometimes an issue. Thanks!

SharpTools uses dynamic subscriptions. When you first authorize your location, some location level event subscriptions are automatically setup (eg. mode), but device subscriptions are only setup once a device is added to a dashboard or added to a SharpTools rule trigger.

That being said, the app is not aggressive about pruning subscriptions. It's possible that an event subscription might linger if a device is added to a dashboard and then later removed, for example.

Edit: I've also noticed that the location level subscription is probably a bit broad with all the nice platform updates Hubitat has done. When it was first setup, it was mostly just getting mode/HSM events, but I've noted other events come over on that location event subscription now too.


Tonight the motion lighting app passed WAF with flying colors! I think removing all of the devices not actually used by Sharptools may have done the trick.

Although, I am inspired to create some new Sharptools rules.

I'm working on using the power monitor on my Kasa outlets to sense when the TV is on in the family room and not motion-sense the room lights on if someone is watching TV in the evening or at night.

I think Sharptools can do that fairly easily.


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