Possible Scam?

I know many here are big home automation enthusiasts. I've seen their enthusiasm from Reddit to Twitter to Amazon Reviews to many many home automation forums.

I am wondering if throughout your travels if you have encountered this:

Hi man!

I took the brand name out but I am wondering 1) Is this common and 2) Is a scam?

[Edit] removed probably a scam

IMO, unsolicited "proposals" should always be ignored. If your product is good it won't need to be pushed upon consumers for beta testing, few will try it and if good will tell others about it.


The solicitation reads as coming from someone whose native language is not English. To me, that in and of itself is a red flag. A company that does things right, has the means to correctly advertise and market its products properly.


And they said spellling and grammar don't no count at school!
Agreed, the grammar was a dead give-away of a hoax/scam!

Sounds suspicious to me too.
Remember - If it sounds to good to be true... It probably is !!

I would delete, ignore/block and move on :blush:

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While I appreciate the challenges of launching a product in a competitive space, honesty is key. I've been offered free stuff in the past but as soon as I mentioned that I would "100% disclose I got the product for free and would in no way agree in advance to give favorable reviews" their interest immediately disappeared.

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As an update they sent it

I got a humidity/temperature sensor and motion sensor.

Can you check the model numbers? Do they end in T1?


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Thanks - I was wondering if they were doing a more public "beta" of their zigbee 3.0 sensors (which all end in T1). Apparently not, from the packaging.

I am worried about keeping these online. I need to figure out how to tell what sylvania smart plugs I have

Yup - they are finicky for sure. I put all of mine on a separate HE with Tradfri plugs & USB repeaters.