Possible RM Bug with Endpoint and Rule Stopped

Blue Iris sends end points to turn outdoor lights on and off based on motion detected by BI. I stopped those rules for a while because those lights are part of our Christmas Lights and I want them on a timer for a while. But with the on and off rules stopped, they still fire. I know I can set the action to nothing to fix it, but I thought I'd make someone aware of it.

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To add to this, if I pause the rules it shuts them down as you would expect it to. So that fixes my original issue. If they are resumed and stopped they still fire. Maybe I don't understand what stop should do?

You've created an endpoint for the rule, stopping it does not affect that. You can, as you discovered, pause the rule. Or, you can disable it from the Apps page. At the upper right of the page is a gray X. Click on that and a column will appear where you can check any app to be disabled. Another way to handle this is to create a Predicate condition based on a Boolean Hub Variable. The rule, and the endpoint, would only work if the Predicate is true.

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Ok thanks. I still don't think I get it lol, but that's OK no need to explain further. As long as pausing accomplishes my goal (and it does) then I'm satisfied. I've read briefly on the whole predicate thing and I have no idea what that's all about. Studies for another day i suppose, but thanks again. :slight_smile: