Possible RM Bug: Certain Time variable Triggers not firing after hub reboot

!!IIgnore this post and see the second one!!

@bravenel I think there is a potential RM bug here - please see the following experience:

  1. I set up a new RM rule that has a certain time trigger that is also a local variable
  2. If the time set in that variable is for 10 min from now, then 10min from now the RM rule triggers as expected.
  3. However, if in between now and the variable time the hub reboots, then the RM rule will not trigger at the time specified in the variable
  4. Had I not used a time variable and just hardcoded the certain trigger time, then it works as you expect no matter how many times you reboot

Actually @bravenel I don't think the issue is the hub rebooting, but rather the day changing. Sorry for the confusion I'm trying to track down an issue with some Rules that I have - here are the full details:

  • I had some rules that had schedules (certain times) that I wanted various actions to take place. They were working well for many weeks / months with no issues until now.
  • Recently I changed the times from hard coded to local variables so that I could expose them on a dashboard so that home users who have no idea about what's actually gong on behind the scenes could change the timing of these actions if they wanted to.
  • As soon as I did that they stopped triggering. My initial assumption was that it was because my hub reboots over night and that's why I wrote the first post. but after testing that theory I can see that the hub reboot has nothing to do with it.
  • I think the issue just must be the day changing the day because all of these times are in the morning
  • If I set up a similar rule right now to trigger in a short while.. it triggers no problem even with a local time variable as the trigger and even after a reboot
  • However all of my previously working rules are no longer triggering with certain time variables as the trigger. The only thing that I can think is that there is an issue with the scheduling system when the day changes to 00:00 the next day and that rules with certain time triggers that are local time variables do not get scheduled correctly

I don't know about this. You will need to provide a lot more details, logs, App Status pages, etc. to document what is or is not happening.