Possible issue following upgrade to (C-7 on mesh with C-8)

I upgraded from just before 3AM this morning. Everything appeared to work well. The hub booted, devices connected to it function without issue. By chance, I looked up and noticed a blue LED a short time ago. I tried to access the hub, but was unable to connect. A very short time later, the LED turned green again for no apparent reason.

Looking at the logs, there is only one entry since it booted following the update earlier.

System startup with build 2.3.118

Log entries prior to this all appear normal and as expected. The hub is UPS protected, and prior to this upgrade, I haven't had any other issues. This particular hub is in my garage. No apps actually run on this device, and there are only 10 Z-Wave Plus devices paired (and then shared on the mesh). All other devices and apps are managed by my C-8 in the house.