Possible “In Use By” device bug

Not sure if I’m just missing something procedurally or if this is indeed a bug:

I had two devices (virtual switches with auto off), one originally set up using RM4.1 a while back and one recently set up in RM5.1 as part of my efforts to “update” all my rules (for OCD purposes only, lol). Originally, I had the “4.1” switch’s state as part of the “required expressions” for one of my 5.1 rules. I replaced it with the “5.1” switch’s state, then deleted the “4.1” switch from the required expression. Pressed done after updating the rule to exit. I reopened the rule to ensure that the required expression was appropriately updated.

When I went back to the device page for the “4.1” switch, the “In Use By” still shows that it is still “In Use By” the updated rule. The “5.1” switch device also indicates that it is in use by the rule as well. Anyone know how I can get the devices to accurately reflect which rules they are actually being used by. @bravenel perhaps?

That is very common in RM 4.X. If you checked in the conditions, actions and triggers and it is not there, than it is good.

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Thanks @Sebastien . Any way to clean it up (on the device page)? The reason I ask is that I am still using the virtual switch in a couple of my older RM4.1 rules that are just a hassle to update to 5.1 and it would be nice if the device page could show more accurately which apps the device was actually still being used by. Thanks for your help!

I've had a similar problem with excluding devices that do not get cleared in some 5.1 Rules. I think this is only the display that is wrong. I've found that a reboot always fixes this.

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In my experience, deleting the rule removes it from the “In use by”.

No big deal but that is the problem (although just a very minor inconvenience). The rule itself is still in use (I do not want to remove it0. It’s just the device that is no longer in use by the rule shows that it is still in use (even though the device does not appear in the rule itself). Again, makes no functional difference in the rule itself, but a minor hassle when I try to figure out which rules a device is actually being used by. Again, not that big a deal overall.

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Older rules did not do a good job of dealing with device deletions, and cleaning up the In Use By when a device was removed from the rule, unless great care was taken. If you look at the Settings for that rule on its App Status page (gear icon), you will see some setting that still has that device listed -- hence the In Use By is shown. It might be possible to reopen the specific part of the rule where the device had been previously selected, and de-select it. But if you simply deleted a portion of the rule, that isn't possible.


I was wondering if there is a conclusive way - other than deleting/rebuilding an RM5.1 rule from scratch - to cause an errant "In Use By" to go away.

Spent two days trying my best to remove (and ultimately exclude) an older Z-Wave dimmer which insisted it was still "In Use By" both RM5.1 and Z-Wave Poller. It wasn't.

And despite having (1) painstakingly delisted the Device in both apps, (2) rebooted the C7 hub, (3) STOP/START'ed the RM rule, (4) Update/Done'd the rule, and finally (5) Refresh/Configure'd the Device from its Detail Page, the Device name still appears in the Gear table:

Figured I'd ask here before force-Remove'ing the device. Then took matters into my own hands, LOL...

PROGRESS: By Clone-ing the stuck RM5.1 rule, and swapping in a different device for the stuck Device, then deleting the old copy of the rule, I managed to release it from RM. Will undertake similar maneuvers with Poller app. (Edit: Yep, uninstall/re-install of Poller app - which cannot be Clone'd - cured issue.)