Possible bug with Dashboard lock tile showing battery level

Hi support. See my image above. The door lock tile "Shop Door Lock" is missing the percentage sign. The one above has it. Even the "Shop Door Sensor" which is a contact sensor tile has it. I checked the devices and they all appear to be normal.

Is maybe the lock tile fixing the battery percentage to be 3 characters only?

Are the 2 locks the same brand? I have read in other posts that some brands of devices include the '%' when sending battery value (or °F/°C when sending temperature) and some do not.

Yep more likely to be driver difference if they are running the same dashboard template

They are NOT the same brand. However, in the device pages, both devices do not include the percentage sign in the battery data. Even the contact sensor example I included does not have a percentage sign in the devices battery data.

I would imagine if the percentage sign was in the data, other functionality would struggle with battery logic, since that would make this data a string, instead of possible a number.

BTW...The only difference between having the % there and now not, was I just upgraded from, to the latest.

what are the 2 drivers you are using it would be a state it would be set during a send/create event command

just to clarify are you using the same template on the dashboard for both devices? if so i cant be a dashboad bug, it would be a bug with the driver for the device which isnt showing the %

go into both the device history (filter on battery) do they both pass a unit or is the value on one containing the %

Both pass % as the unit for their battery events and both have the same description text format, with % at the end.

It IS interesting to me now though, that a battery event has not been received in quite a while. The device is still sending other events as of very recent.

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