Possible Bug: Breaks Button Controller Settings

I upgraded to last night and noticed that my Pico was no longer working properly. It appears that 4 out of 5 button lost some of their settings, many of which had commands such as startLevelChange, stopLevelChange, etc., actions for button held and button released.

Prior to the update the Pico had been working well for a couple of weeks.

In the 2 images below the yellow highlighted settings are missing.

On the missing settings, can you select them again? I had a couple of issues with rules but selecting whatever is missing and saving again will make the rules work again.

No. If I click any of the items, nothing has been assigned--it's like I'm starting from scratch.

Could you show a screenshot of your Apps list page, showing Button Controller and these instances?

Before 1.1.4, you should have had Button Controller-1.5. That was not changed in this build. There is a new version Button Controller-1.6.

Here you go:

Oh, my bad. I messed up the updates, and that is the cause of this. My suggestion, seriously, is to remove that instance and start over. I'm going to see if I can undo the damage... but for now, that's the way forward.

Will do. Thanks for the quick response on this.