Possibility of "device notes" that would be linked to the node number

The issue I'm trying to "fix" is the loss of device description for ghost nodes. I have a ghost node that has been an issue for some time. However I do know what it was because I periodically copy the Z-Wave status table to Excel.

Would it be possible to have a notes section that will stick to the Node ID? Reason is; when a ghost node occurs the device name is lost. Making troubleshooting that much more difficult



Have you tried removing it? Any other devices with the same description?

This particular "ghost" really really wants to stay. I've tried a number of times. Twice with a Z-Stick with no luck. My Z-Stick, I believe is a 300 level chip(set). Each time it was not able to delete / nor replace the device.
I am currently waiting for my Zooz 800 series stick, due tomorrow (WED).

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Do a power cycle for 5 mins and try again (actually shutdown and disconnect power to the hub for 5 mins)

Have already tried. Shutdown for ~ 60 minutes. No go. and various different times for UPS installation etc.

I had another ghost (failed sensor). Was able to delete it in the usual fashion.

My plan (if it comes to this) is to transfer to the new C8. Delete all Z-Wave devices and reinstall the Z-Wave devices.

I realize this ghost likely has no negative functional effect but its like bird poop on the hood of your car. Doesn't effect vehicle function but it doesn't belong there.

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