Possibility for alternative sources?


Maybe already answered somewhere (searched, but couldn't find), but is there any possibility to have an alternative source for pictures used on the dashboard using the Hubitat app?
As it is right now I'm using pictures that are stored locally on the hub, which is nice and dandy when being at home. But when opening the app outside the LAN, I get a lot of broken links obviously.

Is there an easy solution?

Do you succeed with images?

Unfortunately not yet.

Maybe not a full solution for your needs, but search on base64 images. Might help you with button images. It uses CSS and a text encoded image file within the dashboard code. Here's an example:

Could just use any free web hosting service (Wix, Weebly, etc...). I use Weebly, and the pictures load quick.

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I use imgbb.com.

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I'll check one of those sites out! Thanks for the tips!