Posible Bug?

When I create a rule where the condition for my Office Door Sensor is closed and save the condition it always chooses false and I cannot shoose true no matter what I do. If I choose Not this condition it does show TRUE but includes FALSE at the beginning. I watched video 2 for rules on youtube and my system is not allowing a TRUE Condition.

You cannot choose "true" or "false" in a condition... You choose "open" or "closed" as the condition for a contact sensor.

Depending on which condition you select, and the current status of the contact sensor, RM 3.0 will display or "TRUE" or "FALSE" depending on the how the condition was written.

Hopefully this helps to clear it up...

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Current status. Ha!

I'm lost... Sometimes it shows just "Cancel?", some other time "Cancel on truth..." and now there is this "NOT this condition?" What does these mean? I figure "Cancel on truth" means, for example, "dont turn off a light when motion wen inactive but active again within scheduled off() request"... Now, does "Cancel?" mean "if lights were turned on when sensor returned "wet", turn them back off", is that right? And, now, the ultimate mystery to me: "NOT this condition?"... I must admit, my IQ is too low to guess this one. You mentioned "videos"? There are tutorials about this? Let me know. Thanks. (@ogiewon ; A thousand thanks again for your awesome work on ST_Anything!... Just wanted to say it because this is really an awesome work with which I'm messing around all the time now! ;p)

I haven't updated to 4.0 yet (so I will be referencing 3.0), but to answer a few of your questions

Triggers and Triggered Rules use cancel because the "trigger" is what tells the rule to fire, Being that a trigger is used to fire the rule there is no truth to change as it was the event of the trigger that starts it.

Rules used "cancel on truth change" because the Condition becoming true or false is what fired each action respectively and if the truth of that condition "changed" the cancel would take place.

"Not this condition" means the opposite of that condition. It's a way of including the false condition along with the true condition at the same time in a rule.

Say you use a "trigger" of the motion sensor to turn a light on, then after a delay of 5 minutes turn off the light, but say a door opens before that 5 minute delay has completed and you want the light to stay on you would have "cancel" the light turning off if the door opens.

In a "rule" you would have if motion is "true" then turn the light on
If the motion is "false" turn the light off after 5 minute delay "cancel on truth change", which means if the motion happens again within the 5 minutes the condition is now true again which cancels the delay and leaving the light on. And will only start the delay again to turn the light off when the condition is false again.