Portable AC units

Needing a portable AC (the stand up kind on wheels) for my Arizona garage. Seeing many now which are WiFi and Alexa enabled. Would love Hubitat integration even better of course. Don't want to do smart plugs or infrared options. Anyone come across something they like and are using?

I just bought a Hisense that works with Google and Amazon Echos. I can see and control it from my Alexa. But now way that I can figure out how to get it into Hubitat.

The phone app for it is pretty rubbish too. I'm suspecting a lot of these are going to be the same. I think a lot of these units are all the same, just a different brand name.

Saw some threads where I can control a GE unit through IFTTT. Ugh. I know its one of those things where there will be a solution in the next year. There always is.

You may be able to do it through an Alexa routine...it's a tiny bit convoluted but it has worked for me in the past...

  1. Add virtual contact sensor and virtual switch in hubitat (or just a contact sensor if you only want to use rules to control it)
  2. Use RM or WebCore to link them (ex: when switch turns on open sensor)
  3. Add contact sensor to alexa skill app in hubitat
  4. In the alexa app on your phone create a routine with a custom action for when the sensor opens. Just type in what you would say to her (ex: turn on garage A/C unit)
  5. Create schedule if needed

It's all very basic control, but it works, lol. Use as many virtual contacts as you need!