Portability is missing

One thing that keeps me from supporting Hubitat more for clients is the need for portable applications and their configurations. When I was working on older system such as StarGate, HomeSeer, Vera, SmartThings, etc. One thing I always looked for was portability of code and the configuration to drive it. In many of the platforms there was a lot of decoupling done that allowed me to develop code/configurations that I could export and move to a new system with just minor items such as linking physical devices to logical representations in the code.

WebCore on Hubitat is great for a hobby but was mission critical I like to stay with native applications as much as possible but it does support the ability to save your automation logic and move it from one device to another. I had to do this for SmartThings since they never really provided the ability to move / copy hub configurations. For other platforms I would just export an XML construct and import that in the new device.

I was just wondering if such a feature would be coming to Hubitat in 2020? The current backup and restore is great but it brings along everything. If I just wanted to say export/import select rules from Rule Machine you just can't do that. I know I could create "custom" apps that could replicate portability but this would be duplicity of much of the core Hubitat application code.

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We have developed some tools for this sort of portability. These tools are currently in internal testing. Don't have firm release plans yet.


This would be an awesome feature. I'll have to be setting up my parents' Hubitat out of state and it would be nice to copy and paste some rules vs. recreate.

Happy New Year all and thank you for all you do!