Porch light control between 2 times...sometimes

Pulling my hair out on this. Maybe overcomplicating it.

I would like to turn my porch light on at 6am and off at sunrise

On again at sunset+30 and off at 10p

I live far enough north that in the summer sunrise is before 6a and sunset is after 10p so I do not want to trigger the light on at all.

I thought I could create a condition comparing times but can't figure it out.

I am fairly inexperienced with rule machine but i do understand basic programming. Rm just seems to be not very intuitive to me.

Thanks for any help.

You could create 2 Simple Rules for this. The morning rule should be set to only work between sunset and sunrise.

That is very simple. It may be what I have to do. I was hoping to combine morning and evening into one rule as I have many situations already where I am using multiple simple rules to accomplish something which in my mind should be done under one more complex rule.

It is fall again and the sun is setting before 10 so I am back at trying to figure this out.

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Early on, I tried to combine as much rules as possible. I have since found that it is often best to have multiple simpler rules.


Me too!

It's simpler.


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