Popular Link: Voice-Controlled Home Automation Without Alexa or Google Assistant

The HE forum software just notified me that a link I posted in 2019 (below) is popular. Some of the current interest may be driven by Amazon's recent dropping of their List Api for Alexa skills which caused several popular 3rd party services (ex: ToDoist) to lose voice control. It also highlights a vulnerable dependency many of us have with our HE setups ...vulnerable because Amazon's Alexa cost center is a big, black money pit that has lost some serious money.

So, where are we on local voice control of HE?


The “popular” link is given when a link has been clicked 50 times, no matter how many years it took.
Local voice control of HE devices has been available via Siri for a few years via iPhone and Homebridge or Homekit integration.

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Right. So somebody clicked a 5yo link within the last day or two and happened to hit Discourse's 'Popular Link' tripwire.

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