Popp Smoke Detector With Indoor Siren 004001

Looking for a zwave driver for this Popp 004001 device.
Nothing comes close to this in the supported listed devices.
Can't find anything on this device here or in github. All a bit new to this. What next?

The Generic Z-wave smoke detector driver doesn't work? If you are looking for something that will give you the Z-wave smoke detector combined with the z-wave siren, then no, there's nothing like that available. You'd have to write one.

Yes half the functions work, namely the Smoke detector part using the Generic Z-wave smoke detector driver. As to writing a driver myself, one day maybe but I'm not up to the task at the moment, I wouldn't know where to start.

You and me both. :slight_smile:

Hi Mick,

I have the same Popp smoke sensor, but it don't work. I have two. I can connect them and choose generic z wave smoke driver, but if I test them they don't report to the hub.
Right now they are used as Siren, which works, but I would prefer they could work as smoke sensors, and in case of smoke send an report to HSM.

Hope some driver in the future will solve this :grinning:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


I have been in contact with Popp / Aeotec and they tried to help porting a SmartThings device handler over to Hubitat.
I have tried it, but it don't seem to work.
Any in here that have the skills to help with a corrected ported driver that works?

I here have the link to the driver on OneDrive:


I'm going to be looking into it :slight_smile: got one ordered off fleabay

Cool Rebecca

Let me know how it goes.

Let me know if I can help testing.

What I got was a dudd and wouldn't let me pair it.

I think there will be issues in trying to control the siren remotely without killing the battery?

Sorry I've been busy... have you got any part of it to work? No bothered so much about the siren as I can kick off a mains powered one provided it detects smoke properly.

I sent mine back, so not got anything to build against.

Still trying (and struggling) to keep the hub running fast, as it keeps slowing down with all my rule machine code.

I used that driver and tested it. The unit detected smoke and the alarm went off. So for me at least it seems to work.

But .. there always seems to be a but... this time... I couldn't reset the status from Detected to Clear... so I did an exclude .. reset .. include.. sorted.

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