Popcorn Lights

I have a C8 hub and have a few rooms that have multiple z-wave lights. My issue is when I activate these lights, they all pop on randomly and not together. It’s only like a 1sec delay but it’s annoying and I was wondering if there is a way to get these to fire on at the same time?

I know in the Zigbee world, there is a way to group them, but does z-wave have anything like this?

If not, is there anything else I can try to get these to fire at the same time?


Are you doing them as a group or individually in the same rule? You should be able to group them in Room Lighting.

They are both in the same room lighting app.

Load groups and scenes from built in apps.

Create group

No. But my lights generally turn on close enough to the same where its no an issue.

I tried the Zigbee groups on all my sockets in the basement that have zigbee relays on them, but seemed to cause more problems than it helped so I ended up just turning it back off again. Those are much less in sync that my z-wave devices. Maybe they did not support group messages properly, they were cheap relays from Ali.

Send all commands at the same time, no metering. If you are already using RL, then this will send them simultaneously. That is what I use as well.

What Z-Wave switches are you using?
Not GE/Jasco, per chance?

Hey now; my GE Enbrighten dimmers are rock solid and have better RSSI numbers than any of my 700 series dimmers, and they have survived for 5 or 6 years despite everything I have done.

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I think it affects only the newer ones.
If "alternate exclusion" is selected on @jasonjoel 's fine driver, it reports quicker...or something like that.
All of which is moot of those aren't the switches involved.

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What brand/model? What driver for these devices?

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I has the same problem with popcorn turn-on on with 3 devices. I tried Associations (which is a pain to setup) but it did fix the problem for me.

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I used to use associations, but the problem I ran into was that devices controlled by associations don’t report their state changes to the hub (at least the Enbrighten dimmers I use don’t). I no longer use Z-wave for any indoor lighting. I relegated my Enbrighten dimmers to outdoor lighting and use some Zen77s as button controllers for Zigbee (mostly Hue) lights to make my wife happy as she likes the traditional way it looks and works while still being able to automate the lighting and use voice control. Also, this way there is never any popcorning.

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