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I've recently installed my new hub bought a number of ZigBee sonoff sockets for lamps etc. My house currenly has a mix now of ZigBee via the hub and WiFi older smart devices. What I've noticed is that most of the time the WiFi and hub attached devices work about the same but about 20% of the time the hub attached ones are slower by a few seconds. Sometimes the socket furthest from the hub doesn't work at all.

Is this a coverage issue? I thought that the sockets would repeat making a mesh system so distance shouldn't be an issue? Is there a way I can measure the signal strength or even confirm that the sockets are repeated?

A bit underwhelmed so far especially as the WiFi devices have always worked.

Thanks all

You can look at the zigbee routing table which will give an idea of what is repeating and the strength of the signal.
your hub ip/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo

In my experience, the Sonoff Zigbee sockets appear to be Repeaters NOT Extenders. A Small but important difference that I’ve experienced. The Sonoff appear to cover about 8m around my house.
I’ve found the Ikea Tradfri Repeaters to provide greater coverage at about 15m. Of course there are a lot of environmental factors that can affect the radio signals such construction materials, reflective surfaces and the amount of electrical noise.

There is no difference in a repeater and extender. Both take a packet and rebroadcast it.

Some brands/models may be better than others, and some have higher power than others, but they do the same thing.

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When it comes to Zigbee the more the merrier. I have at least one wall wart style repeater in every room of my house. Plus around 25 bulbs that repeat. My house isn't that big, 2000 sqf is being generous counting my enclosed porch. Half the bulbs are outside. When I look at the routing information it's crazy, devices are talking through nodes that make no sense to me. Before I loaded up on non-bulb repeaters I had inconsistent bulb behaviors and my ceiling fans were constantly going dead. My advice? Add more repeating wall warts. Make sure they report power, so you can use them to tell if something is turned on so you get something out of of them besides a switch. Oh and just my observation, don't count on a bulb as being a reliable repeater. Bulbs use Zigbee LL, Light Link profile and can have small buffers making them I'll equipped to repeat Zigbee HA or Home Automation profile packets.

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What build of hub and firmware? C7 on .145? All my Zigbee and Z-Wave stuff responds in milliseconds. Google commands are a little slower, maybe a second delay but thats cloud stuff and expected... I used Z-Wave for all the wall switches and Zigbee for some of the outlets, flood sensors, and humidity/motion sensors. I put at least one in each room but never noticed any issues. I avoid using Zigbee bulbs so they don't break the mesh when wife or kids turn them off. Cheaper to just do it with switches in my situation.

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