Poor neighbor count with ZEN77 (700 series) neighbor count

I've got a whole house of Zooz switches and dimmers. All are series 500 (ZEN21, ZEN26, ZEN27), except for two ZEN77 series 700 dimmers.

With the new Z-wave mesh graph feature, I've found myself again trying to understand why the two ZEN77 devices (Kitchen Sink and Kitchen Cabinets) for all intense purposes play poorly with the series 500 devices.

Z-Wave Network Graph Screenshot 2023-06-05 223744|668x500

These two devices are in the same three device gang box (one outlet plus the two ZEN77 devices). This is an open floor plan, so no walls between these devices and eight or more series 500 devices within 25 feet. Adding to the strangeness is that the two ZEN77 are right next to each other, yet Kitchen Sink sees two series 500 devices and Kitchen Cabinet sees no devices???

I've done Z-Wave repair multiple times.

I guess I should try to exclude and reinclude to see if that helps.

Any ideas?

Probably not helpful in your case, but I found that I get more visible results right away when I do a repair on a device, go to the device page, hit configure, go back to the zwave page and refresh the page, not the device. Maybe refresh the device too before the page, I forget. I usually get 100 kbps and a direct line to the hub that way showing up on the page.

Probably wont make a difference. This is the same as doing a repair but with extra works.

Are you having an actual problems with those two devices?