Pool Saftey Monitor

Ok boys, I got a use case that I am trying to polish up and get your thought on and how to make it better.

So i have an inground pool and kids at my home which is a dangerous combination when it comes to safety. We are doing a multi tiered solution to prevent drownings incl, fence with locks with open sensors, swim lessons, dog nanny, and then I have added surveillance cameras. Lets talk about the cameras.

So i got a computer to run a bunch of server apps through docker one of which is frigate. which is amazing. I then setup a mqtt broker on the same server.

Using fellow community member ccoupe's code, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ccoupe/hubitat/master/mqtt-frigateP.groovy, I have frigate give warnings as a presence sensor that iis passed via MQTT to hubitat.

I use it to send notification to my phone and chime certain things.

I would like to have a arm/disarm functionality like the HSM app. I tried to setup a "Custom Monitoring Rule" but its more made for watching CO monitors and stuff, that does not have to be armed/disarmed via a device.

My question is is there a way to setup a special HSM monitoring rule but have it where i can press a button on a dashboard to arm and disarm it? Maybe using rule engine but i am not certain.

You could just use a virtual switch

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Or maybe get rid of the pool if you are so scared by it.

Jeeze lady I not scared of it, just respectful of the risks and trying to be a good parent.

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