Polled Z-wave dimmer as automation trigger?

Can a polled Z-wave wall dimmer (generic, older) be used as the trigger for a simple automation, intended to control a Zigbee bulb connected to a Hue hub that is integrated?

I just want the Zigbee lamp to turn on when the Z-wave switch is turned on.

Steps taken to show the individual parts work:

  1. if the Zigbee bulb is connected directly to Hubitat instead of via the Hue integration, this automation works fine
  2. if a dashboard tile is created to manually operate the Zigbee light (via the Hue integration), the Zigbee lamp works fine
  3. the Zigbee lamp works fine directly within Hue
  4. stopping and re-starting the Z-wave polling utility in Hubitat does not help
  5. power cycling the Z-wave switch by opening the air gap control does not help

What am I missing?

Is my only option to upgrade this Z-wave dimmer?

It can be used as a trigger, but until the switch is polled the hub won't have anything to act on. This will most likely result in an unacceptable delay in turning on the bulb, i.e. it will work eventually, but not immediately.


What is turning the Z-Wave switch on? A physical press? Is the switch connected to the load that powers the bulb?

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, in the mode where the zigbee bulb is connected to the Hubitat, the delay from the poll was dependent on when in the poll cycle the switch was pressed. it could be up to 10 seconds or so, or as little at 2.

But in the mode where the zigbee bulb is on Hue, the automation never works.

The Z wave switch is being physically pressed,

The Z wave switch is not controlling the zigbee bulb in question.

The automation works when the zigbee bulb is connected to Hubitat but now when the zigbee bulb is connected to Hue.

Sound like it is an old Z-wave switch. Are you able to switch to a Zigbee 3.0 switch like the GE Enbrighten switches (my favorite)?

It might be worth the investment.

You are correct on both counts.

The older Z wave dimmer in question is being relocated elsewhere in the house where it can be of more use and a new 700 series dimmer is taking its place. Among other things this will eliminate my need for polling at all.

Interestingly ... I was finally able to get the automation sequence to work, after deleting the automation, rebooting the C7, then re-creating the automation from scratch.

Rebooting is superfluous. It's not needed, and does nothing to change the state of automations.

I bet you're right about that. The rebooting happened due to an upgrade, not because I manually did so. It's one of the variables in the before-and-after sequence that wasn't really a coefficient in the problem solving. So, because more than one variable changed and then the automation started working, I cannot truly know what happened.