POE Camera options?

Hi All, since Netgear Arlo monthly subscriptions just keep getting more and more expensive, I think it is time to dump them. I have a nice QNAP Nas Server at home. So I think I am going to sell off all my Arlo cameras and switch to some nice 4K PoE cameras. Anyone have suggestions of cameras that they have had good luck with that also can be used in Hubitat as motion sensors, etc?

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I use Dahua POE cameras, choose these after doing some reading on ipcamtalk.com they have worked very well for me. I use Blue Iris software for the cameras which integrates very well with hubitat. The Blue Iris software allows for the sending of a local end-point trigger when motion is detected. For me, this is enough integration, but if you need more this is a popular hubitat app [RELEASE] BI Control - Local Blue Iris control


How many cameras? 4K takes up a lot more storage space than lower resolutions.

I have 8 cameras. Only 4 are 4K and those will be motion based. I will only need to hold a few days worth of video triggers. My NAS is 24TB. I should be fine on space.

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Your statement is a little misleading.
4K@30fps vs 2K@30fps , of coarse 4K takes more space,
But you need to set the cam up correctly. 15fps per cam is the sweet spot.
Also using h.264 uses way less storage and @ h.265 even less space if your cam and software support it.

I am using 8 Anpviz 4k POE cams with a Hikvision NVR. The NVR is recording 4k. I then use the second streams at a much lower quality and pass that to blue Iris on a tiny Lenovo i5 pc for remote viewing and motion detection.

It might be worth your while, to look at Amcrest cameras. I have 4 and they are extremely reliable.

This is good information for my next project. I want to hook up 2 to 4 Hikvision cameras to my Synology NAS for outdoor monitoring. I have all the infrastructure in place with my Unifi POE switches just need the time to design the cable runs to the locations I have selected. I used to run BlueIris and it was great software but my cameras from DLINK were junk when it came to video quality and reliability. I still need to do the research on how to take the video and events from the Synolgoy Surveillance Station into the Hubitat.

Everything he said x2

Here also to throw in Amcrest. Been running three PoE cameras with Blue Iris and they've been solid.

Amcrest doesn't make their own cameras they simply re-brand cameras. Many of their best cameras are re-branded Dahua cameras. If you go with a Amcrest camera be sure to know who the manufacturer of that camera is and you are happy with their quality.

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Great stuff. Thanks guys. We will see which way this goes. I have honestly been shying away from Amcrest due to all the security flaws that keep popping up.

I was staying away from Hikvision for a long time as well but I couldn't justify the price of Ubiquiti cams and want to upgrade to 4k. All of my cameras are blocked from the internet. They are on an isolated Vlan. I have to VPN to see blue Iris. Wife thinks I have too much tin on my head. She's probably right since I am no network expert and probably left a million backdoors opened :rofl:

I’m running 4 of the ubiquiti G3 pro cams with the UniFi protect DVR and UniFi POE switch to power the Cams, and my APs

I’ve been very happy with the setup. Tried the security station on one of my synology boxes but it didn’t play to well with other disk access intensive apps running concurrently.(media server)

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