Please point me to the proper setup Assistant Relay

First of all I would like to thank all the contributors to this community! I have had my Hubitat for a week now and everyday I love it more.

However, there is one maze that I got completely lost in. Setting up Assistant Relay (if that is the correct app to use to do what I want to do)

I would like to be able to use my GHM's to make announcements.
I would also like to be able to send commands to the mini's from my Hubitat.

I have bought a new Raspberry Pi and I have setup the whole thingy (thanks to the Assitant Relay V2 document, i think by "Ogiewon") I am able to send broadcasts to the GHM's by using cUrl commands on the Pi. But there it stops...

I have installed the V2 app on my Hubitat. (Not sure if everything is setup correctly). Now I see in the community that maybe the V1 app is the only working app. Should I rather install V1?

Could somebody please tell me (in very simple language) how I should set up a notification, for example GHM announce that the kitchen light has turned on. And how I can make a simple rule, for example "Hey Google, kitchen light on".

Thank you for any and all help.

Did you use Chromecast integration? You can send commands/broadcast.

For this go here, you need to share the devices with google

I have Hubitat Drivers for both the v1 and v2 Assistant-Relay available in my GitHub repository. Directions are in the main thread below.

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My connections between GHM's and HE are fine. I have made virtual switches on HE and I am able to turn them on/off with voice commands on GHM's. It's the other way around that I'm trying to figure out. I will have a look at the "Chromecast Integration" app. Thanks for the tip.

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Yes, thank you. I have installed the V2 app. It's not clear what I need to change in your code. I see IP addresses, user names, ports, etc. Is there a document somewhere explaining that?

I've done that, but then I do not really know what the next step is in using the app. It would be kind if you could point me in some direction. Do I use Rule Manager? What should my Action be, if I want to send a command? I see [CC] and [CCC] everywhere in the community, but I cannot figure out where I should use it...

I'm sorry for the stupid questions... I'm technically okay, but when it comes to programming (and thinking like a programmer), I'm a little handicapped.

The Assistant-Relay v2 Driver for Hubitat allows you to very simply utilize the Assistant-Relay running on your Raspberry Pi (or other always on server). You should not change the groovy code at all. Once you create a virtual device using this driver, you will need to configure its preferences using the details of your RPi Assistant-Relay installation. The IP address is that of your RPi. The Port is the port that your configured your Assistant-Relay to listen on.

You mention that you can use CURL to issue commands and that it works. That is great. It also means that you already know the IP address and Port that your Assistant-Relay is listening on. So, hopefully it is a simple matter to configure the Hubitat Virtual Device.

Once you have it configured, try using the Device Details page to issue a Speak command. Type in whatever you want to say in the text box below the SPEAK button. Then click SPEAK. You should hear your Google Home devices issue the broadcast.

In order to do the same from elsewhere in Hubitat, like from Rule Machine, simply add an action to SPEAK, select your Google Home Assistant-Relay device, and type in what you want spoken in the RM Action. That's all there is to it.

Likewise, to use a Custom Command (as documented by Greg Hesp's Assistant-Relay GitHub readme), simply prefix your Speak Command with either [CC] for custom command or [CCC] for custom command with converse.

"The front door is open." - Simple broadcast text to speech

"[CC]turn on front door light" - tells Google Assistant to turn on the Google Home device named 'front door light'. This will be silent (i.e. no confirmation.) You would issue a custom command like this if Google Home was the only way for Hubitat to communicate with the 'front door light' (e.g. if it was a WiFi bulb connected to Google Home.)

Hope this helps get you started.

Thanks a lot! I'm not home now, but I will try it later today.
I knew there was a learning curve when buying the Hubitat, but it's a bit steeper than I expected :slight_smile: Learning a lot here!!!

I got it working now! Thank you very much for your help.

Unfortunately the commands are very limited (my GHM's language is set to Dutch). I can tell her to "play music", but if I send it as command, she googles it... She does turn the lights off and on, but I don't need her to do it, as HE can do it perfectly without her :smiley:

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I cant get any of the [cc] commands to work for instatnce I put in [cc]Stop music and all it does is speak broadcast from John cc stop music but the music does not stop. any help with commands would be great

Try cap Cc?

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Correct. It's [CC], and NOT [cc]. If you use small Cs, google will say "CC" and whatever you type after it.

By the way, if you also have the Chromecast Integration (beta) installed, you can mix in custom commands. Use "Actuator" and choose the custom command. So instead of having Google pass the phrase "Stop streaming" for example, you can use the custom command stop() from the Chromecast Integration and it will do the same thing, but instantly.

Great, CC worked, thanks. I guess the [CC]Stop command is not going to work through relay though correct or [CC]play pandora on master bathroom. is the Chromecast integration a custom app?

never mind on the chromecast app, installing now

Between the two integrations you can do just about anything you'd like. There is a lot of power here...

A lot but not all voice commands will work with the cc method.

[CC] hey google, stop

Treat is as if you're talking to it, so you have to include the trigger phrase.

Ok thanks, I was under the impression that the [CC] was like saying hey google. Chromecast is pretty sweet!!! thanks. can you send [CC] commands from the chromecast devices?

what would I use to do this. I want to send a command [CC] Hey google, whats the Current weather and I want it to respond on a specific device say the Bedroom speaker?

No. The [CC] was custom added by @ogiewon. It lets you send the command without a response. Take out the [CC] and it will broadcast what you type (used to be a true TTS device, but google screwed that up). If you use [CCC] you access "Converse" and Google Assistant will silently do your command but with verbal feedback.

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I'm using version 1. I think that's available in version 2, but I don't know how to do it. Someone that uses version 2 or @ogiewon might know if it's possible. In version 1 it's for sure not possible. It's broadcast only (meaning all google home devices on my account).

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