Please help us to keep our mesh reliable- orphaned device feature, ghosts are not automatically removed

Unfortunately the feature outlined below had to be removed as it was causing issues.
Was wondering if it could be brought back as an app or driver, to be used periodically when needed, hopefully eliminating service tickets and much user frustration. I know without it, I'd never have found the 2 ghosts plaguing my system, as they are not automatically removed, at least not on my system. I have not upgraded, as I don't want to lose the feature.

May 5

Release Available

This hot fix includes:

  • Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer, startLevelChange command was not working correctly.
    *** The Orphaned Zigbee device auto add feature was removed due to occasional interference with new device includes.**
  • Fixed a bug in RM with Boolean logic operators.[poll type=regular results=on_vote chartType=bar]
  • This would be very helpful
  • Not really needed, we like our systems slow & corrupted

That's a clever idea to have it as an app or driver. Heck, leave it in the diagnostic page if they want.

Thanks. I know the feature uncovered problems I'd never been able to discover before.
It was pretty genius on @mike.maxwell 's part. Hopefully it makes it on his gigantic to-do list, although not sure of the effort involved

Having this auto add stuff enabled/disabled by the user might be a way of using it when needed and us not having to worry about the few edge cases that caused us to pull it...


Okay, so without this feature I would have never discovered- That my hue motion sensors, I love so much, are really messing up my mesh.
Constantly having ghost devices be found by the HE feature for ghost zigbee devices. And was finally able to track down to Hue motion sensors. Similar to the great peanut panic, these hue motion sensors are jumping around like crazy and constantly switching their 16 bit address, and those ghosts are found by Mike's feature(i haven't upgraded yet to remove feature)

About 2 weeks ago I added the 16bit address to each of my 4 hue motion sensor's names. ALL except 1 hue motion sensor have changed their 16 bit address, and therein is the cause of my ghosts.

When I hit "get info" on my ghost,I see this below.

@mike.maxwell is this a bad thing or something that would clear up on it's own? And is it a feature of hue or a bug?

Thank You

To be a nudge, again!
but @mike.maxwell tool saves the freakin day. I would have blamed the lights not coming on, on well, who knows.
with the genius tool I discovered a problem repeater, which I would likely have never found without a good deal of effort

and there she blows. I have 5 Halos, mostly well behaved, except this one.